Why do I need an automatic sampler? 

Before diving into why an automatic sampler is a game changer for your operation, let's put the importance of proper sampling into perspective

Sampling is the first step toward a consistent, reproducible and accurate lab analysis. Lack of methodology on how the sample is collected, preserved and stored can lead to contamination and changes in sample characteristics, leading to erroneous results and costly decision making.

Auto water sampler ©Endress+Hauser
Auto water sampler ©Endress+Hauser

Even though the concept is simple, the practical aspects of manual sampling are laborious and time-consuming. The operator needs to move to different sampling points, some in remote areas, bottles must be prepared, the sample must be taken following specific procedures, bottles must be labelled and stored/conserved properly, and paperwork needs to done. 

That's where automatic samplers come into play . It streamlines the sampling process with automated collection, preservation and storage, which reduces the operational work to bottle exchanges, usually just once a day. 

On top of freeing up time, automatic samplers improve personnel safety by reducing the operator's exposure to water bodies and chemical/biological hazards. At the same time, a consistent sampling methodology ensures all samples are collected the same way. 

One might say that you'll still need to go regularly to the sampling point to measure volatile and sensitive parameters such as pH, free and total chlorine, dissolved oxygen and others. Even though this is mostly true, today's autosampler technology allows the integration of sensors to monitor these variables in real-time. 

Cool, right? 

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