Optimizing chemical plant performance

Innovative and data-driven technology that reduces OPEX and boosts production

The chemical industry is a highly competitive global marketplace. Improving reliability and optimizing production are critical factors for success. Endress+Hauser offers innovative and data-driven technology to help you overcome these challenges and meet your goals. We take advantage of the full potential of field instrumentation data for optimizing chemical plant performance.

Boost your chemical plant performance

Our products and services can help you boost your plant performance by:

  • ensuring and optimizing product quality according to customer demands

  • enabling ongoing optimization of plant performance while reducing OPEX and complexity

Netilion Analytics - increase asset transparency

Netilion Analytics is a digital service that delivers complete transparency of all assets on site including evaluation of obsolescence levels. Customers get suggestions for the optimization and standardization of plant assets, and have access to relevant insights to minimize risks of downtime and reduce operational costs.

Netilion Health - reduce unplanned shutdowns

Netilion Health allows for easy and secure access to the health status of instruments. Site personnel can connect to their plant for remote maintenance expertise in real-time, maintaining connectivity with crucial assets, which reduces the presence of people in hazardous areas.

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The chemical industry is highly competitive and challenging. Endress+Hauser products and services help maximize safety and production and capitalize on opportunities for improvement.