Water safety: Protect our water with precise instrumentation

Precise disinfection process and quality management instrumentation ensures safety and compliance

Helping you to ensure water safety is our goal. You can take advantage of our complete instrumentation portfolio, which facilitates reliable disinfection. This will protect your water and ensure its safety! Substantially reduce contamination by pathogenic organisms to prevent waterborne diseases. Our innovative technologies mean reliable and stable measurement. Use consultancy support from Endress+Hauser industry experts to ensure high reliability and availability of critical measuring points.

Ensure water safety by disinfection with ozone

Disinfection is considered to be the primary mechanism for the inactivation/destruction of pathogenic organisms to prevent the spread of waterborne diseases to users and environment. Disinfecting with ozone has several advantages over traditional methods such as chlorine. Ozone deactivates bacteria and viruses more effectively than any other disinfection treatment, while requiring only a very short contact time. Treatment time is thus reduced and at the same time there are no chemical residues.

Disinfection with ozone ©Endress+Hauser
  • 2.1 billion

    people globally lack safe water at home.

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