Time is money

Reduce operational expenditure (OPEX) by improved maintenance routines and optimized processes.

How are we going to keep that promise?

Related service offering - Connect support

The optimized complement to the CA80 liquid analyzers, improves service operations and maximizes plant availability. Enabling the remote resolution of technical issues, the service helps reducing process downtimes hence it mitigates the risk of non-compliance to water legislation. Locked into our global and comprehensive support competences, you receive notifications of issues proactively, access to a 24/7 online expert knowledge base on CA80, and live video assistance from experts.

  • Up to 20%

    of the total operational costs of a wastewater treatment plant are spent on maintenance. We help you reducing thes costs by improving maintenance routines and optimizing processes.

  • 20%

    cost savings due to less consumption of conditioner chemicals.

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