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Prevent batch loss and increase yield of valuable products

Managing costs, quality and time pressure can be a challenge in the life science industry. Optical technologies such as Raman spectroscopy have provided some relieves enabling direct inline monitoring of critical parameters. Endress+Hauser can support with a complete package for inline analytical monitoring, from feasibility tests to fully integrated analyzer solutions.

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Kaiser Raman technology as a PAT for continuous process monitoring in upstream applications

Synthetic Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Scale-up phases can be speed up dramatically with the use of Kaiser Raman spectroscopy thanks to complete transferability of the technology from lab to process with 100% data integrity. In-line reaction monitoring of multiple parameters enables higher yields and even cost savings with less heating and stirring. Our team of experts can assist from the research lab to design and integration into automation platform of complete analytical solutions.


Endress+Hauser can provide analytical solutions for inline monitoring of key parameters in bioprocesses such as metabolites in cell culture and fermentation and in downstream applications. Kaiser Raman spectroscopy is a non destructive, fast and accurate technology which eliminates the need of sampling and time-consuming laboratory analysis. Advanced process control strategies can be implemented with complete analyzer solutions, including software, probes and services such as IQOQ. Download application brochure for Bioprocesses

  • Eliminate sampling

    with real-time and inline measurement

  • Up to 85%

    Titer increase


“We have increased titer by 85%.” Real-time measurement of metabolites and viability of cells with Kaiser Raman Analyzer solutions.

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