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Endress+Hauser can support during all phases of a chemical product lifecycle – from research and development to pilot and production scale. Our analytical solutions enable real time measurement of composition with minimal operating costs and safety risks. Each analyzer solution is made to custom from the sampling system or probe selection to the design and production of the analyzer rack and shelter according to the reaction and process conditions.

Chemical plant processes tanks

Chemical Plant – Analytical solutions from laboratory to process


Costs of a plant shutdown due to off-spec gas can be very high especially for petrochemical processes. SpectraSensors TDLAS analyzers can monitor the quality of feed gases for polymerization and prevent contamination of valuable catalysts by NH3, H2O or C2H2. Difficult applications such as inline polymerization control or real-time P-I-O-N-A measurements can be achieved thanks to Kaiser Raman Raman analyzers. Modelling and engineering services are offered for complete application packages. Download application brochure for petrochemicals

General Chemistry

Ensuring economic production while keeping safety high is a daily challenge for chemical plants. The development of in-line measurement technologies such as Raman spectroscopy opens up new opportunities for real-time process control and speed up time to market in a competitive and safe manner. Kaiser Raman analyzer solutions can be implemented in many applications including optimized synthetic rubber production, urea production or distillation column performance.

  • Fast Return on Investment

    In less than one incident in a C2 converter

  • 30% time saving

    In process development phase


“We see that the TDLAS provides continuous results and allows us to anticipate about 10 minutes earlier than the GC. The readings track perfectly” (Ethylene producer using H2C2 analyzer in ethylene)

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