Oil & Gas

Protect your assets and ensure in-spec production.

Monitor the composition of your process streams by measuring critical parameters such as moisture or acid gases concentrations down to trace levels. Optical technologies such as Kaiser Raman spectroscopy and SpectraSensors TDLAS enable fast, accurate and non destructive on-line measurements of analytes.

Oil & Gas

Natural Gas pipeline – Monitoring moisture content and acid gases is key for safety

Natural Gas & Natural Gas Processing

SpectraSensors TDLAS gas analyzers are leading the market for measuring impurities such as H2O, H2S and CO2 in Natural Gas. Processes such as molecular sieve dehydratation and amine treatment can be optimized thanks to highly responsive analysers to concentration changes, immune to interferences or background fluctuations. All our solutions meet the industry standards with engineered sampling and conditioning systems. Download application brochure for Natural Gas Processing


Optimizing process efficiency is simplified and accessible with Raman spectroscopy and TDLAS based process analyzers. Optical technologies have proven their benefits for monitoring composition in multiple applications such as precise moisture control for protecting highly valuable catalyst or safer monitoring of H2S in fuel gas with lower operating costs. Download application brochure for Refineries

  • +10,000

    SpectraSensors TDLAS Analyzer Solutions installed worldwide

  • Sub-ppm levels

    Thanks to patented differential spectroscopy

  • Lifetime calibration

    Factory calibrated TDLAS analyzers with traceable and certified blended gas


“We have minimal maintenance with these devices, which has led to significant savings.”

Martin Lillo

Instrumentation Engineer, Statoil

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