Optimise efficiency of LNG process and reduce uncertainty in BTU measurement during custody transfer

Endress+Hauser can support you with Solutions and Services for the complete value chain of Liquefied Natural Gas, from pre-treatment to liquefaction through custody transfer and regasification.

LNG tanker

Complete LNG analytical solutions can be provided for LNG ships

Feed Gas Processing to Liquefaction

Endress+Hauser is able to provide analytical solutions to monitor the levels of contaminants such as H2O, H2S and CO2 before liquefaction. SpectraSensors TDLAS solutions are typically used during the amine treatment and gas sweetening process to ensure acid gases are removed and during the molecular sieve dehydratation process to meet the stringent specification of <0.1ppm H2O content. Download application brochure for LNG

Liquefaction to Storage Tanks

Optograf Raman analyzer enable inline measurements of natural gas and make up refrigerants both in the gas and liquid phases to provide real-time control of the liquefaction process to plant operators. In addition, the solution helps to minimize energy consumption and prevent refrigerant loss. Download application note on optimized liquefaction process

Calorific value measurement during custody transfer

On-line measurements of LNG composition is now possible without the need of a vaporizer thanks to Kaiser Raman analyzer solutions. The technology enables fast and accurate measurement of BTU and Wobbe Index for marine bunkering, truck loading or export at terminals. Complete turnkey solutions are made to custom from cryogenic probes to the analyzer shelters. Services also support each project from factory acceptance test to commissioning and maintenance contract. Download application note on caloric value measurement of LNG

  • ~20x lower uncertainty

    in the calorific value measurement during custody transfer

  • Virtually no maintenance

    Or consumables required thanks to optical technologies

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