Confidence and savings

Inline verification to help you maximize plant availability, reduce risks, time and costs

Oil and Gas instruments operate 24/7 in tough environments often under extreme process conditions. Their reliability is essential to your process, plant availability and safety. Our certified service technicians use fully traceable technologies to verify your measuring points and check the integrity of the entire loop, helping to prevent failures, reduce unplanned downtime and keep your costs under control.

inline instrument verification services ©Endress+Hauser

Each verification test is performed by a certified technician, is traceable to international standards and properly documented, fulfilling regulatory, contractual, quality and safety requirements.

Documented inline verification by certified technicians

Our verifications require minimal or no process interruption. The continuous high diagnostic coverage and on-demand verification in our latest generation of instruments with Heartbeat Technology give even better reliability and confidence with less effort. Regardless of the age of your device, in cases of test failures or non-conformance our technicians can resolve most instrument or application issues quickly.

  • High confidence

    Confirmation that a device is measuring as it should

  • Best-practice service

    Certified instrumentation and application specialists working according to global standards

  • Time-saving innovation

    Offering unmatched test coverage and on-demand verifications anytime, from anywhere

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Verification is a control measurement to assess the functional performance of an instrument

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