A flexible calibration offer

Have instrument calibration performed by our accredited lab or our fully traceable on-site services

Remain in spec and stay compliant. We can calibrate all your process parameters – flow, temp, pressure and analysis – either on site or in labs, including third-party devices. Our labs are traceable to national reference standards and are ISO 17025–accredited. The accreditation is testament that our calibration excellence is officially recognized by the regulatory bodies.

On-site or lab calibration ©Endress+Hauser

Endress+Hauser calibration services are ISO 17025–accredited and therefore fully traceable.

The benefits of our calibration offer

With Endress+Hauser as your calibration service partner, you benefit from: efficient calibration execution, easy communication and budget planning.

  • Calibration excellence

    A leading measurement instrumentation manufacturer, we‘re uniquely qualified to calibrate

  • Single-source assistance

    From calibration, adjustment and recalibration to fully compliant documentation

  • Working with you efficiently

    Your maintenance personnel has more time to focus on their core activities

Download the technical article

technical article about lab and on-site calibration in the life science industry

Calibration: an investment in operational excellence

Learn the benefits of lab and on-site calibrations, each helping you stay compliant while boosting productivity.