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We ensure your instruments measure what they’re intended to measure, saving time, effort and costs

Verification is a task too important to trust to just anyone. Whether you are looking for a one-off verification or someone to manage your routine service activities, intervals and documentation, you need reliable support. We offer this reliability. Our global certification process for technicians and standard procedures guarantee that we deliver consistent service, no matter where you are located, or your need.

Our certified service technicians verify your instruments in line, with minimal or no process interruption. They make sense of instrument data and propose solutions to any device or application issues. The high diagnostic coverage and easy on-demand verification of our instruments with Heartbeat Technology give additional transparency and confidence, permitting many users to safely extend their maintenance cycles.

Inline, quick, on-demand verification with Heartbeat Technology gives additional transparency and confidence in your instrument performance and enables maintenance flexibility.

  • 8000+

    verifications a year

    Performed by our service technicians

  • 1000+

    technicians worldwide

    Global competence, local responsiveness

  • >95%

    continuous diagnostic coverage

    with Heartbeat Technology – confidence and on-demand verification from anywhere

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