Process consultancy leads to supply chain optimization

Endress+Hauser's process workflow methodology is proven effective.

Very often, measuring devices are defined without considering your issues and your processes. Have you ever received the wrong instrument for an application, resulting in device failure and a plant shutdown? Today you can predict and prevent these events. Are you sure data is available to operators and others who would need it? Is data available to operators and other personnel who need it? More than likely you are aware that there are solutions to these challenges, but you may need support.

Process consultancy leads to supply chain optimization ©Endress+Hauser

We take the complete process workflow in account for all projects, identifying every issue for which a targeted solution could be applied. Our goal is to document and propose real improvements to the process.

During workshops, our business process specialists analyze your current situation and propose possible remediation. The only initial investment for your company is to bring people together from different units to explain their workflow. Based on the "As-Is" situation and a possible "To-Be" scenario, we work together to build different cost-efficient options.

For us, understanding your issues is a must prior to supplying instrumentation solutions and associated services. Discuss transfer, storage and distribution solutions with us, right from the start.

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  • 25%

    higher throughput

    of trucks / ships / rail

  • $1.44 Million CAD

    yearly savings

    for jetty loading / offloading at a plant in Asia

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