Reduce costs without increasing risks or losing compliance

Gain detailed insight into your installed base and recommendations to comply with requirements

Maintaining compliance with demanding industry, legal and market quality standards is particularly challenging if your plant assets are not perfectly managed. You probably own a large heterogeneous installed base of instrumentation. Do you know which assets are critical to your processes and if they are providing accurate information? How do you know if they are obsolete or need to be updated? If you don't have transparency, how do you manage the risk of non-compliance?

Reduce costs without increasing risks or losing compliance ©Endress+Hauser

Endress+Hauser consultants help you get a comprehensive view of your installed base and give insights to improve process availability and minimize the risk of downtime. Collecting instrument data using mobile apps is the first step. This data is then filed into a database with 24/7 online access. Based on safety, quality and identification, obsolescence risks and migration priorities are identified and recommendations for device replacement are specified quickly.

Our consultants can help you improve your installed base maintenance while keeping your processes in compliance. They will help reduce its complexity through standardization, recommend the relevant calibration intervals and methods for each technology according to its criticality. We also help digitalize your plant by offering appropriate solutions to integrate devices into an IIoT environment, which enables you to quickly provide valuable information to the right people.

Endress+Hauser offers unique expertise regarding maintenance and calibration of your assets. Our expertise arises from more than 60-years of experience in instrumentation across a variety of industries. Our dedicated experts are located all over the world to better provide you with relevant analysis of your installed base and recommendations to maintain compliance.

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