Convenient verification

Expert verification eliminates coordination efforts and ensures a smooth execution

Verification is a task too important to trust to just anyone. Whether you are looking for a one-off verification or someone to track your routine activities, manage intervals and documentation, you need reliable support. We offer DIN EN ISO 90001:2008 conformity, annual proficiency testing, and work according to global standards to deliver consistently high service quality, no matter your location or level of need.

Our certified service technicians can verify your measuring points, make sense of your data, interpret results and propose solutions to any instrument or application issues. Our service agreements are customizable, and the capability of our Heartbeat Technology means that verification is based on reliable internal data and can be done without process interruption.

Your verification flexibility is covered: expert services and Heartbeat Technology.

  • 5000+

    flow verifications a year

    Performed by our service technicians

  • 1000+

    technicians worldwide

    Global competency, local knowledge

  • 50%

    lower verification costs

    Heartbeat Technology diagnostics deliver real savings over traditional methods

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